19 September 2014

LUSH Ponche shower gel

Dear readers,

Since my first time entering a Lush store I can say that I love, love, love all their products.

In the sales earlier this year I went on their website and ordered a huge box filled with Christmas limited edition goodies called the WOW! box.

I'm more or less half-way through them now but I've come across a very disappointing product:

I apologize to all of those who actually like this shower gel but I really, really find the scent just too awful for words. It's like you're showering with a bottle of cognac or some other yucky smelling booze.

Anyway I'll still continue using my other Lush products and if I ever repurchase the WOW! box I'll make sure to give this shower gel to my worst enemy, lol.

For the love of comforting scents,

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