4 September 2014

Sephora mini haul

Dear readers,

I came across a Sephora store when we went to a shopping centre near the hotel were we're spending a few days. I don't usually shop at Sephora as we don't have one near our home town and I always find better deals online. But I'm on vacation so I just went in to have a look around without thinking I would actually purchase anything. Boy, was I wrong...

They had a 50%-70% off on a lot of products so I filled my basket with a few things, although I really wanted to take everything home with me.

Frédérik Fekkai lifting and texturizing spray gel. I've heard a lot of talk about this brand but I've never tried anything from their range as they are quite expensive. This one was reduced from 21€ to only 7€.

Perfect manicure nail protector by Sephora. Even though I've gotten much better at painting my nails I tend to wear them quite short and sometimes I'll paint part of my fingertips in the process so this will come in very handy. This is the only item I paid full price on: 4.95€.

This Make Up For Ever kohl pencil liner was only 7€ when they usually sell for 16€ and it's a gorgeous deep purple shade. It will be a nice alternative to wearing the usual black liner especially with my green eyes.

Another MUFE product, the Aqua Shadow in 28E, it's a light gold shade that will definitely not budge throughout the day. I tested it on the back of my hand and it didn't go off after washing my hands several times and rubbing it with some wet towelettes. This was down to 10€ from an original price of 23€.

And last I saw this pack of 3 moisturizing essence masks that claims to restore the skin's optimal hydration and suppleness for 30 hours. I was already on the lookout for some cellulose masks for some time now as I like to alternate them with cream masks every now and then and I'd only one left. As you can see I got them for 12€ and they were 50% off.

We're staying a few more days so I can always go back to Sephora and get me some more deals like these, what would you do?

For the love of deal hunting,

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