16 October 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge: I don't like Autumn

Dear readers,

I've never liked the cold but I can't wait for those colder months to come so I can cuddle up in my new bed with a cuppa and a chocolate bar/muffin/biscuit/fill in your own preference...

I recently purchased an electric adjustable bed, that's to show you just how committed I am to staying in bed for the longest possible time.

Since I was a child I like doing everything in bed: read, homework, watch tv, listen to music, daydream, eat and of course, sleep.

What I especially don't like about autumn is this:

        7:30 AM before going to work - 16:00 PM arriving home after work

Like, really? Are you kidding me? What should I put on these days? A swimsuit with a winter coat on top?

So this is the reason I'm running late lately, I'm showing up at work like 5-10 minutes late as I keep looking at my wardrobe waiting to have an epiphany that tells me how to dress for the day.

All right, lets end on a more positive note and show you this morning's sunrise:

I'm afraid I only had my iPhone with me so it doesn't show the true burning red colour peaking above the sea line. 

How about you, are you an Autumn lover yourself?