16 October 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge: I don't like Autumn

Dear readers,

I've never liked the cold but I can't wait for those colder months to come so I can cuddle up in my new bed with a cuppa and a chocolate bar/muffin/biscuit/fill in your own preference...

I recently purchased an electric adjustable bed, that's to show you just how committed I am to staying in bed for the longest possible time.

Since I was a child I like doing everything in bed: read, homework, watch tv, listen to music, daydream, eat and of course, sleep.

What I especially don't like about autumn is this:

        7:30 AM before going to work - 16:00 PM arriving home after work

Like, really? Are you kidding me? What should I put on these days? A swimsuit with a winter coat on top?

So this is the reason I'm running late lately, I'm showing up at work like 5-10 minutes late as I keep looking at my wardrobe waiting to have an epiphany that tells me how to dress for the day.

All right, lets end on a more positive note and show you this morning's sunrise:

I'm afraid I only had my iPhone with me so it doesn't show the true burning red colour peaking above the sea line. 

How about you, are you an Autumn lover yourself?


  1. You don't like Autumn? In fact it's my favourite season! Winter is my worst - but then again I cycle to school and cycling for an hour when it is freezing outside is NOT fun xD Which makes me enjoy the warmth clinging on through these months. I will admit it is hard to know what to wear sometimes, though :3

    1. I prefer Spring but hey, there's a perfect season for every one. I remember cycling in the winter in Holland when I went to college: brrr lucky I was young and the cold doesn't affect you that much at a younger age, lol.


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