27 October 2014

Haul: The Body Shop, Forever 21 & Benefit

Dear readers,

I'm in a bit of a hurry so I'll hope you'll excuse me for keeping this short. It's been a while since I've been to the cinema (3 years) so me and the hubby are going to see a film tonight.

I ordered a few things over the past week and these items were the first to arrive. I'll update this post as soon as the rest of the goodies are safely home with me :)

First to arrive were my beloved shower gels by The Body Shop, I got two in the Satsuma scent, which you know is my fave and one in Pink Grapefruit which is also nicely scented. I got them at a discount (7€ each) that's why I ordered so many, I think they'll last me a whole year if not longer. I also picked up the Satsuma home fragrance oil at 4€ as I needed to spend at least 25€ for the shipping to be free of cost.

Next I got some bracelets from Forever 21 as they had a free shipping offer over at their website for purchases over 30€ instead of the usual 75€ and I was in need, really, of some new bracelets.

I think these 3 would wear beautifully together, don't you think?
Prices from left to right: 4.95€, 5.45€ and 5.90€.

These will add a pop of colour. They were sold as a pair (7.45€) but you can wear them separately. 

And I wanted something more edgy (6.45€) to wear with my new leather jacket. I don't usually dress in black but once in a while I like pulling off a rock-chic look.

My first purchase at Boots. They started shipping to Spain not so long ago but I hadn't purchased anything yet as the shipping costs were a pretty high at 10£ but this was worth it, I hope.

It's a gorgeous tin box shaped in the form of a candy house, inside there's a booklet with some tips on how to apply the different products featured inside the box.

Drumroll please... Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot palette that features all of their best selling blushes: Dandelion, Bellabamba, Coralista, Sugarbomb and Rockateur; the Hoola bronzer and a highlighter.

This is a limited edition holiday palette that was already sold out on Benefit's web site so I quickly made up my mind about getting it or not. I first tried ordering it from Feel Unique but for some reason they are not allowed to ship Benefit products to Spain so I ended up paying the 10 £ shipping fee and ordering through Boots' website... stupid Spanish customs regulations!!!

The total cost was 50€ not bad at all if you think you're getting so many products even if they are somewhat (not much) smaller in size. I'm not a blush user and I don't own any of the products featured in this palette so I thought it would be the perfect chance to start using a blusher on a daily basis and have a wide selection where I could choose from.

I'm running late as it is y'all, see u soon !


  1. Amazing haul! I love those shower gels! Have you tried their mango one? Me and my boyfriend love it!

    So jealous of the Benefit box, wish it was out before I bought Rockateur and Hoola! Otherwise I've got most of them :(

    1. Thanks Amy, I haven't tried the Mango gel although I smelled the body butter which I gave to my mom as she loves mangoes.Today I'm wearing the Dandelion and Coralista bluses mixed together. I'm so happy with my purchase :)

  2. Great haul - love all the bracelets. Especially the black one.

    1. It is such a statement bracelet, I'm sure I'll wear it very often this winter. Thanks for stopping by :)


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