29 October 2014

Haul part 2: Batiste & Aromatherapy associates

Dear readers,

After receiving my The Body Shop, Forever 21 and Benefit goodies first, the rest of my recent shopping spree has safely arrived.

They were offering free shipping at Maquillalia and I was running low on my old trusted Batiste dry shampoo (only 2 cans left) so I ordered a few more. The cherry scented one is my favourite for now, I still need to try the fresh and the wild scents. The original blush I got because it's smaller in size, perfect for travel. They were sold at 3.75€ each, so not a bad deal as they usually cost 4.75€.

As per usual a few sachet samples were included in my package as well as a small bag of candy that quickly, and almost magically, disappeared. I'll have to remember taking a picture before disposing of it next time...

At Feel Unique I used a 10£ discount for any purchase of 20£ or higher and got this Aromatherapy Associates bath & shower oil in Revive Morning for 30£ instead of 40£. Last year I got a small 1.5ml bottle and I loved the scent, it smells of pink grapefruit, rosemary, juniper berry and pine and is supposed to invigorate and wake up the mind and body but it has the opposite effect on me and leaves me very sleepy and thoroughly relaxed so I could call it Sleep Tight instead.

They also threw in two sachets: the overnight detox oil by Caudalie and a skin tone brightening moisturizer that I'd wanted to try: the Melaperfect by Darphin, a pity it's only SPF 20.

I'm only waiting for another item to arrive: a candle-wick trimmer. I can't wait to start burning my Christmas scented Yankee Candles that came in last year's Advent calendar. I got it hugely reduced in price in January.

I'll try to put my credit card to rest for a few weeks but I can't promise you anything: #feelingspendy @AmeliaLiana.


  1. These sound like some good products here. Hope you are enjoying the remainder of your haul, and great post!

    1. Thanks hun, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy all these products. Thanks for stopping by :)


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