13 October 2014

My first beauty swap

Dear readers,

Blogging has turned out to be one of the best ideas I've had in my life. It's been great having something to look forward to when I'm at the office and time keeps dragging.

A great side effect from being a blogger is getting to know other bloggers, usually by leaving comments on their blog posts or by chatting on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such.

I'll never forget how happy I was when reading my first ever comment on my blog. I had started writing it as a diary to myself and didn't intend on anyone following me but I got hooked on getting feedback so I started interacting more with other bloggers and making some friends along the way, at least I like to consider them as such.

Some time ago the lovely Ashley from Dream.Live.Repeat contacted me. She'd read that I craved some U.S. brands that you can't get here nor shipped over so she offered to get me any product I wanted and send it my way. After a few emails going back and forth she came up with some awesome news: she was planning on coming to Spain in the Autumn. We kept writing each other over the summer and I asked her to get me the IT cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette.

I'd tried getting hold of the Lorac Pro Palette last year when a friend of mine went to Vegas but she couldn't find it anywhere. As I initially intended to fill in my eye shadow collection with some matte shadows I changed my mind and put this all-matte palette on my wish list instead of the Lorac one after I'd heard it mentioned by Emily aka Beauty Broadcast in this YouTube vid where she recommended it 100%.

Finally the day came when Ashley was already settled in her new Spanish home town and told me she was ready to swap. We agreed on a specific day to go to the post office and this is the result:

Although it wasn't a surprise for me as I already knew what was inside I very much enjoyed opening up the parcel as if it was an exciting and unexpected gift. Ashley threw in some samples for me to try out, who doesn't like to receive freebies? There's something about getting something for free that makes me immediately like the product even before trying it out. Yeah, I'm that kind of weird...

As for Ashley's goodies I'll comment on those in another post so as to not spoil her take on this beauty swap. I'll leave a link to her entry as soon as she has posted it.

For the love of sharing,


  1. LOVE that palette, the colors are so pretty!


    1. I used it yesterday for the fist time and the shadows are very easy to work with and blend. I'm looking forward to play with the sunrise and sunset shades, they look so gorgeous in the palette. Thanks for stopping by hun :)


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