6 October 2014

New subscription: Elle magazine

Dear readers,

With my new yearly subscription to Elle magazine I was sent the following freebies from a Spanish brand called Emina.

Oenotherapy daily moisturizing fluid with polyfenols & spf 50ml

It says it hydrates, delays cellular aging, restores firmness and contains sun protection (doesn't mention how high or low, though).

Main ingredients: Grape extract, Gatuline RC and grape seed oil

Oenotherapy anti wrinkle fluid with polyfenols 50ml

This night cream claims to be anti-aging and anti-oxidant.

Main ingredients: Olive and grape seed oil, Elastin, Stereocare and grape leaf extract

Oenotherapy cleansing milk with grape extract 250ml

Cleansing milk that removes impurities and conditions the skin.

Main ingredients: grape extract and grape seed oil

Oenotherapy gel scrub with polyfenols 100ml

Gel peeling that removes dead cells and leaves the skin feeling smooth and velvety soft.

Main ingredients: Propylenglycol, glicerine, collagen, Optivegetol VIN 150 Hidro and raisin extract


Oenotherapy anti cellulite and firming gel 250ml

Main ingredients: lyporeductyl, centella asiatica, mentol, grape leaf extract and Optivegetol VIN 150 Hidro

About the brand.

I tried finding more information as I'd never heard of this brand before but I couldn't find much.

Emina is a winery located in the Spanish Ribera del Duero area. As many other wineries (Caudalie being the most reknowned) they have started using grapes to make skincare products.

Not only do they use the actual grape juice/extract but many other parts such as the seeds, the leafs and even the vines themselves.

If you want to find out more about the different benefits of grapes you can click here. I very much enjoyed reading this post. I wish I could write more informative posts like this one but I just don't have the knowledge nor the patience to go through all the hard facts and put them into clear sentences.

As I haven't tried out these products yet I'm not able to review them for you but I can say the packaging is very cheap, some of the adhesive labels are already coming off...

About the magazine.

A yearly subscription to Elle magazine normally costs 42€, sometimes it's reduced to 33,60€ but I patiently waited for them to contact me instead. They'll usually give you a better deal if you don't renew your yearly subscription. It can take a few months for them to call you but eventually they will and let me tell you, you won't regret it.

I ended up paying only 25,20€ including all the goodies I mentioned above. That's 12 Elle magazines, 5 Elle Deco and 2 or more Beauty and Fashion books. And I'm talking about the big magazine, not the smaller pocket version.

If you are curious about my previous subscription click here. It's in Spanish but you can look at the pictures to see what goodies I got last year.

For the love of freebies and discounts,

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