17 November 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge: Pampering

Dear readers,

We're thinking about renovating the bathroom and I always wanted to get rid of the bathtub and put a shower instead. We only have one bathroom in the house so it's a big decision and I've finally decided against it.

It all started when I first entered a LUSH cosmetics store when on vacation in London a few years back. I became obsessed with their bath bombs and such.

Now I can't imagine living without having a bathtub where to soak in and relax once in a while -not very often as the hubby cringes at the sight of water and gas bills...

So my pampering moments consist of soaking in my bathtub with any Lush bath product after having a facial deep cleanse followed by a face mask of some sort.

I wrote an entire post featuring my favourite pamper products at the beginning of the year, click on the link if you want to read more. It practically has remained the same except for my newest addition: the fresh BB Seaweed mask by, you guessed it: Lush.

If you are on a budget I also have a post on DIY masks, just scroll down to the mid part.

Happy pampering!

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