10 November 2014

Keeping good memories

Dear readers,

Trying to get rid of years of accumulated rubbish is not that easy when it comes to items that have a great sentimental value.

I've taken a few days off from work to prepare for a small remodeling at home, just some new windows and a painting job, nothing major, but nevertheless the perfect time to some autumn cleaning.

I was throwing away some old stuff when I came upon certain items that I had difficulty getting rid of. Letting go of good memories is a hard thing to do but I simply can't keep every single little thing only because it reminds me of a particular time in my life. I wish I had a huge cellar to keep all this stuff but I don't so I came upon the idea of keeping all this stuff in picture format. This way I could bring myself to part with all these little dust and mite paradises:

Gutxi, this is a baby leopard my good friend Laura gifted me 15 years ago, he came within a leopard printed mug which btw has long gone, broken along the way, I imagine.

Dodo is a dodo, duh! My good friend Tania bought this for me about 10 years ago when she went to Jersey for the holidays. Her family had lived there for a while and she and her sister were both born on the island but came back to live in Spain shortly afterwards.

This bag was the hardest thing to part with, maybe because we are not in speaking terms anymore. My friend Vanessa brought this for me from a trip to Bali, Indonesia shortly before we parted ways.

And this is a hand-woven hat made by indigenous people from some part of Colombia. My dentist travels to Colombia once a year to visit her family and she always thinks of bringing me a souvenir, she's so thoughtful. I've never worn it and I think I've kept it long enough, time to move on!

What about you? Do you keep boxes and boxes full of memories?

For the love of good friends,

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