21 November 2014

Under construction

Dear readers,

This week has been crazy, my sleep pattern has been affected by the renovations we're undergoing at home and I haven't had access to my computer to be able to blog regularly. I know it's a lame excuse as I could have prepared for this and have some blog posts ready to go up on time but some of you may already know me well enough: I'm the worst planner ever and I always leave everything for the last possible minute.

Having said that I leave you a few pictures of what my apartment looks like at the moment and I'll endeavour to go back to my posting schedule as of next week.

Office/beauty room: the hubby and I share this room where he uses the right part of the room as an office and I take up most of the left side for my beauty desk and make up storage.

This was what my bedroom window looked like at 18:00 on Wednesday, I though I'd have to spend the night like this but luckily they were able to insert the window in less than an hour.

Living room with the new windows already installed: time to clean up!

Sooooo stressed out that I needed to get me some new shoes: gorgeous Cavalli at a huge discount.

And now off to enjoy a relaxed weekend and getting things ready for the painter who's coming on Tuesday, I hope I've picked out the right shades. I'll keep you posted on the home improvement, so excited to see the finished look :)

In case you're interested in doing some early Christmas shopping this weekend I leave you a 15% discount on selected Christmas gift boxes at Look Fantastic.

Happy weekend to y'all


  1. Wow, it looks like you've got some crazy bold colours going on -- it's awesome! Also, I loooove your shoes, they're gorgeous.

    Sarah xo
    Diary of a Beauty Padawan

    1. They seem bolder on photos but in real life they are muted and more pastel-like, except for the living room, that's a bright orange. Although the rooms are not entirely painted with the same color, I like to paint half in a colored shade and the other half in plain white. Now I'm going for grays as I've seen some awesome gray apartments pictures on Pinterest- Wish me luck !


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