13 November 2014

Yankee Candle haul

Dear readers,

I suppose it's kind of normal to have some periods where you have trouble finding inspiration or a good subject for your blog posts. In my case a lack of verbal expression is very common, even in my own tongue. Sorry for the disclaimer but I feel I'm writing some boring posts lately and I'm having trouble focusing on a subject and translating my thoughts into comprehensible sentences, blah!

This time I'll have to disappoint you again, yes I'm meaning you, the one or two people who'll stumble on this post and have the strength of mind to keep reading until the end.

Today I received my latest Yankee Candle order. Over this year I've been obsessed with aromatic candles: from not lighting even a tiny tea light I've passed to fill my house with them. I already wrote a post featuring my first ever candle haul here.

I started out with the renown Yankee candles as they are easily shipped to Spain and they don't charge you with astronomic shipping costs. I've also tried out some ZARA and IKEA candles but the Yankee ones are still my fave. I have yet to try the Bath & Body Works candles but the shipping is more expensive so I'll wait for an overseas trip to fill my suitcase with those.

I'm slightly concerned about them not being overall good for your health, inhaling the stuff I mean, as I suffer from allergies and have trouble breathing enough oxygen to keep me going without getting short of breath. But hey, you only live once and I enjoy them so much that I'll keep burning them for now.

I'm a huge Christmas lover, more and more every year. I love that you start earlier with Christmas stuff in the UK, here is Spain it's a bit dull until December 10th.

They send me an email with the offers they had on Christmas scented candles over at Yankee.co.uk  and I was running low on wax tarts so I ordered a few items.

Above the Red Festive Medium Jars gift set featuring a Sparkling Cinnamon and a Sparkling Snow jar for only 19.99£. I got two of these in case I need to come up with an unexpected gift.

3 small jars Christmas gift set featuring a Christmas Cookie, a Christmas Eve and an Apple & Pine Needle jar also for 19.99 £. I also ordered two of these as I could use them as separate gifts.

Q3 and Q4 10 wax tarts pack for 11.25 £ and 9.60£ respectively. I ended up with two of the following wax tarts: Honey Glow, Berrylicious, Silver Birch, Candy Cane Lane, Christmas Garland, Wild Fig, Ginger Dusk, Cranberry Pear, Amber Moon, Angel's Wings and Icicles.

Depending on how much you spend on their website they throw in one or more mystery samples, this time they were: Mandarin Cranberry, Cinnamon Stick and Sparkling Cinnamon.

They sure make up for the shipping costs: 9.99£. You also get reward points for purchasing on their website and I got 1£ off from what I'd earned from last order, not much but it's a nice detail they have that other sites don't offer. Even this small discount gives me a feeling of being given a special treat.

I ended up paying 109.81£, that is 142.41€ after the rate conversion. I know it's a lot of money but these candles will last me all winter and some of them are destined to be a gift. I try ordering as much as possible as they charge you a set shipping rate, no matter how much you order. Making a big haul reduces expenses, in my opinion, so instead of ordering many times per year I try to reduce it to a minimum and get several month's worth of candles in one go.

Are you as excited as I am for Christmas?


  1. Wow, that shipping is extraordinarily high! I wouldn't purchase anything just because of that...even though I love Yankees Candle.
    Angie x

    1. I know, but even so I get them cheaper than at the store. When you take into account that shipping costs within mainland Spain are between 6€ and 9€ those 10 pounds don't seem too much for getting it delivered all the way from the UK.

  2. wow that's a lot of candles! i bet they smell amazing... I've never bought a yankee candle before! i feel like I'm missing out :P


    1. If you have the chance you need to get a few samplers or wax tarts to start with. I just lit Sugared Apple and it smells amazing. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I have Christmas Cookie on my wishlist!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. I haven't tried that one, it's going on my wishlist right now! Thanks for the recommendation.


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