29 December 2014

Christmas presents part 2

Dear readers,

Christmas has gone by but I'm still getting presents, huh? I must have been a good girl this year, lol.

We always celebrate Boxing Day in my family, pretty unheard of over here but it's the perfect arrangement to satisfy both families: the in-laws and my mom and Dougie.

So here's what I got from my side of the family:

A funny 2015 calendar: Meerkats Rule!

Some bright placemats.

A teabag holder.

An agenda, I didn't liked the cover much so I spruced it up a bit:

A strainer spoon, excellent for pasta or cooked vegetables.

A reading lamp to attach to my eReader.

Another wooden box: I think my mom and my sister in law shopped for my present in the same store.

A tea ball and holder.

A small and handy vacuum cleaner for my couch.

And that's everything for now, I think I may get some more presents with the 3 Kings festivity but I'm going back to my usual beauty blogging self for now as I'm sure as hell you're bored to death by now with all the Holidays' themed posts that have been running around the blogosphere. I'm not, so keep it coming! 

25 December 2014

Christmas presents part 1

Dear readers,

It's finally arrived, yay! Happy Christmas to y'all. And what a better start than to share my Christmas presents with you. I personally love this kind of posts as they give me some ideas for future presents.

My first Christmas present was given to me a few weeks ago when I stayed in London at Maureen's house. She didn't only take very good care of us, she even gave us a very British and festive souvenir: a salt and pepper holder that came inside a cute felt bag.

When I came back home from London the hubby also had his Christmas present ready and gave it to me ahead in time so I could start using it. Last year our bathroom heater broke down and I hadn't purchased a new one so he bought this compact little heater that simulates a fireplace, it can't get any cozier than this.

We usually spend Christmas Eve at my in-laws and we exchange presents on that evening as many of us spend Christmas day with other relatives.

I got this pretty wooden box that I can use to store my jewelry, for example. I'm not sure yet.

Some pretty dangling silver earrings, they also double up as tree ornaments, lol.

A pretty shawl with a colourful butterfly design.

And two very original slate plates. I think this is my favourite present for now. We still have to celebrate Christmas with my family, that is my mom and her boyfriend tomorrow night so I'll leave the rest of my presents for a later post.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day,

22 December 2014

Christmas box

Dear readers,

A Christmas tradition here in Spain is to receive a box full of goodies (food and drinks) from your employer. Lucky for me I'm the employee :)

This is going to be a boring post featuring all the products that came inside mine, just head over to another blog if you're not interested in seeing pictures of different food & drinks.

20 December 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge in retrospect

Dear readers,

This year has turned out to be a successful blogging year for me. I've made a lot of new friends along the way and I've managed to keep up (more or less) my blogging schedule.

I'm especially thankful to Gaby from EtcGabrielle and her 2014 Blogger Challenge series. It's been great being part of this and I'm very pleased with myself that I've kept it up for the whole duration. I very much enjoyed having a set uploading schedule and the topics given beforehand. It also has helped me to write about some non-beauty related posts and to have more confidence to include some selfies here and there.

When I went back to My summer bucket list post I saw that I've managed to follow steps 1 through 6 from my 10-step blogger plan for this year. Not too bad, I think.

As my goals have remained more or less the same since writing that post I'll just continue and try to accomplish those last 4 and add one: spend more time with the hubby. I've been so busy with my blogger-related life that I've barely had time for him, love you honey bunny :)

Goodbye #2014BloggerChallenge and happy 2015, who knows what the new year has in store for us?

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Happy holidays y'all,

17 December 2014

London haul part 2: LUSH

Dear readers,

Although we have a few Lush stores in Spain they are far away from where I live and online purchases aren't always as satisfying as walking in store and be able to get a feel and smell of the products or ask for advice when in doubt.

When my mom told me I was getting a trip to London for my birthday I started writing down all the products I'd like to try out from Lush. There aren't that many as I was traveling light and I still have loads of Lush products stored up from my previous purchase.

Total expenditure: 72.70£ although I seem to have forgotten to include the H'suan Wen Hua, maybe because I'm unable to pronounce the damn thing! For those of you who are not familiar with Lush it's a hair treatment that you have to massage into your dry hair and leave for 20 minutes before shampooing and conditioning it. This was 9.75£ for a 225g pot.

Holly Golightly bubble bar 4.75£: crumble it under the running water when you're filling up your bath. It creates bubbles and gives a citrus and spicy scent to your bath water.

Ro's Argan body conditioner 16.50£ for a 225g pot: this is used as a hair conditioner but for your body, you need to rinse it off. It leaves an oily residue so don't get it if you don't like that feeling, I don't so I won't be repurchasing this.

T'eo deodorant block 4.95£: haven't tried it yet but it smells like lemonade, very refreshing.

Enzymion facial moisturizer 14.50£ for a 45g pot: I tried a sample they gave me with an online purchase and I loved it very much. I have very oily skin and this has a very lightweight formula, it rapidly sinks into the skin leaving it perfectly smooth and hydrated without giving it any extra shine.

I'm beginning to see a pattern here, almost everything I got has a certain citrus scent to it.

I got two of their new shampoo bars: above Brazilliant with oranges and Ylang Ylang oil and below Copperhead which improves shine and helps maintain coloured hair; they were 5.75£ each.

A second fail product: Ultrabland facial cleanser for 7.25£ for a 45g pot. It seems that almost all cult products just don't work out for me, but don't let this discourage you, it's an amazingly rich cleanser that is too much for my taste. I already have extremely oily skin so I don't need to slather on any more oil. I have to say that I'm using the Camomile cleansing oil by The Body Shop and I love it. I feel it works better at getting rid of waterproof mascara while this Ultrabland is maybe more gentle and therefore not so good at getting rid of all the unwanted make up. It also washes off with water, unlike this one where you can still feel the oilyness it leaves behind.

I'm loving the name of this bath bomb: Northern Lights and I can't wait to use it, this was 3.50£ so it's the cheapest product of the lot.

And this is a picture of the LUSH store where I got my shopping list done in less than 15 minutes: Brent Cross Shopping Centre. Not that I was in a rush but I knew exactly what I wanted. Not having been to London in 3 years made me crave for some long walks and not spend too much time shopping for stuff I could get sitting comfortably at home behind my computer.

For the love of speed-shopping,

15 December 2014

London haul: Boots & Superdrug

Dear readers,

These are some of the items I got when I was in London for a few days earlier this week.

Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint in 439 Mustard; Basecoat, topcoat & nail hardener in 1 and regular nail paint in 273 Raspberry all by Barry M. These were 2.99£ except for the Gelly nail polish that was 3.99£. I also got a Collection 2000 Illuminating touch brightening concealer which I forgot to take a picture of, at 4.99£.

In Boots:

Maybelline Color Elixir lip glosses in 135 Raspberry (left) and 705 Blush Essence (right). Color Sensational lipstick in 630 Velvet Beige (middle). They were sold at 6.99£ each although they were having a 3X2 on the entire Maybelline range so I only paid 13.98£ for the 3.

Swatches of the lip glosses first and the lipstick (right). I hadn't noticed that the lip glosses had some shimmery particles in them, I only noticed them when looking at the picture itself.

Soap & Glory:

Sexy Mother Pucker gloss crayons: I haven't opened them yet so no swatches for you right now. The shades are in Fuchsia-ristic, Bashful (mauve) and Raplumzel. They were having a 3X2 Christmas Mix and Match so I chose 2 other gifts, one for the hubby and one for Maureen, to thank her for letting us stay at her place and taking so good care of us. Without the offer I'd have paid 16£ for one gift alone but I ended up only paying 28£ for the 3 as one of the gifts had an extra 4£ discount.

One Heck of a Blot: I'm curious to see if it's as good as they say. This was 12£.

My third Hand Food cream this year. I can't remember which YouTuber it was that raved about this product but I'd like to thank her. It's a thick consistency at first but it totally sinks into the skin and leaves no oily or sticky residue behind. And it smells heavenly too, what more can you ask for? It's 5.50£ for a 125ml tube so that's not too bad either.

Orangeasm body wash. I want to compare this with the Satsuma shower gel by The Body Shop. I'll let you know which one I think smells better. This one's 6.50£ for a 500ml pump bottle.

And finally some cute Batiste dry shampoo minis for 1.49£ each, perfect for travel although I'm not sure if they are allowed in your hand luggage. I got the original and the blush scent.

I want to thank the bigger Boots store in the Gatwick North Terminal shopping area for being so helpful in trying to help me find a way to get Soap & Glory products shipped to Spain. Although there's no possibility as of yet I'm very grateful for the interest they took in me even without having asked for help myself. It's a pity I flew back on the 11th as they were having a 50% sale in Soap & Glory the following day :(

For the love of drugstore products,

12 December 2014

My trip to London in pics: #nofilter

Dear readers,

I just came back from spending a few days in London. I went with my mum and her boyfriend and we stayed at a friend's house far away from the city centre so I wasn't able to do all the sightseeing I'd have liked but I very much enjoyed my stay anyway.

View of the British coast from the plane.

Christmas lights in Oxford Street.

Seven Dials, Covent Garden.

Christmas tree in Covent Garden.

We went to see Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre.

The London Eye.

Westminster and Big Ben.

The Tower of London.

The Shard.

My favourite Starbucks in London: St Katherine Docks.

Camden town.

And it wouldn't be Christmas without some delicious mince pies.

Next post will be about my London shopping, I hope y'all have an amazing weekend,