22 December 2014

Christmas box

Dear readers,

A Christmas tradition here in Spain is to receive a box full of goodies (food and drinks) from your employer. Lucky for me I'm the employee :)

This is going to be a boring post featuring all the products that came inside mine, just head over to another blog if you're not interested in seeing pictures of different food & drinks.

Salty food:

Red peppers, I usually prefer them fresh but they pair nicely with tinned tuna on a loaf of bread with a mayonnaise spread.

Duck liver pâté, not comparable to delicious foie gras but nice enough...

Iberian chorizo (spicy pork sausage).

Tinned tuna fish.

Cured cheese.

White asparagus.

Anchovy olives.

Iberian salchichón (another kind of pork sausage)

And some extra virgin olive oil.

Sweet food:



Chocolate peanuts.

 Chocolate turron (nougat candy)

Toasted egg yolk turron.

 Jijona turron.

Alicante turron.

Round Alicante turron.

 Box of chocolates.

Polvorones and mantecados (sorry, no translation possible).

Alcoholic beverages:

White wines.

Red wine.

Spanish cava (sort of champagne).

Apple cider.

Some kind of liquor.

Why do people start following a healthy diet right after Christmas? - I hear you asking.

For the love of sharing food & drinks with friends & family,

Happy Christmas to y'all,

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