25 December 2014

Christmas presents part 1

Dear readers,

It's finally arrived, yay! Happy Christmas to y'all. And what a better start than to share my Christmas presents with you. I personally love this kind of posts as they give me some ideas for future presents.

My first Christmas present was given to me a few weeks ago when I stayed in London at Maureen's house. She didn't only take very good care of us, she even gave us a very British and festive souvenir: a salt and pepper holder that came inside a cute felt bag.

When I came back home from London the hubby also had his Christmas present ready and gave it to me ahead in time so I could start using it. Last year our bathroom heater broke down and I hadn't purchased a new one so he bought this compact little heater that simulates a fireplace, it can't get any cozier than this.

We usually spend Christmas Eve at my in-laws and we exchange presents on that evening as many of us spend Christmas day with other relatives.

I got this pretty wooden box that I can use to store my jewelry, for example. I'm not sure yet.

Some pretty dangling silver earrings, they also double up as tree ornaments, lol.

A pretty shawl with a colourful butterfly design.

And two very original slate plates. I think this is my favourite present for now. We still have to celebrate Christmas with my family, that is my mom and her boyfriend tomorrow night so I'll leave the rest of my presents for a later post.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day,

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