29 December 2014

Christmas presents part 2

Dear readers,

Christmas has gone by but I'm still getting presents, huh? I must have been a good girl this year, lol.

We always celebrate Boxing Day in my family, pretty unheard of over here but it's the perfect arrangement to satisfy both families: the in-laws and my mom and Dougie.

So here's what I got from my side of the family:

A funny 2015 calendar: Meerkats Rule!

Some bright placemats.

A teabag holder.

An agenda, I didn't liked the cover much so I spruced it up a bit:

A strainer spoon, excellent for pasta or cooked vegetables.

A reading lamp to attach to my eReader.

Another wooden box: I think my mom and my sister in law shopped for my present in the same store.

A tea ball and holder.

A small and handy vacuum cleaner for my couch.

And that's everything for now, I think I may get some more presents with the 3 Kings festivity but I'm going back to my usual beauty blogging self for now as I'm sure as hell you're bored to death by now with all the Holidays' themed posts that have been running around the blogosphere. I'm not, so keep it coming! 


  1. I feel like I never realised I needed a teabag holder until I saw how cute that one is!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I enjoy reading these kind of posts but I end up having a mile-long wishlist. Thanks for stopping by :)


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