8 December 2014

My favourite Christmas scent

Dear readers,

This is going to be my first Christmas burning scented candles. I was introduced to the world of scented candles and more specifically to the Yankee Candles by the blogging community.

When you're watching a YouTube video: a candle is burning in the background, when you're reading a blog post: a candle is part of the picture set up.

I 've never very much cared for any type of candle, I used the occasional tea light you light up for a romantic dinner but I stopped burning them when the hubby mentioned the flickering was very annoying to his bad eye. He had hurt his eye when he was younger: a piece of firework cut through his pupil and he had to go into surgery to get it replaced with a glass one. So he's sort of my own Jack Sparrow :)

This year I have pretty much been in a candle-craze mode. I've been getting lots of different brands of candles to try out and I've been hoarding them for Christmas. This particular one I got in the January sales for only 14.99 pounds, it's the Sugared apple by Yankee Candle and it's my favourite Christmas scent at the moment. I also ordered the Ginger Kids Jar Hugger for 11.24 pounds, so darn cute, don't you think?

In the evenings I like to light my candle in my bedroom while I'm blogging, watching YouTube or a tv show or reading a book. Yes, that's pretty much all I'm doing with my after-work hours.

I'll be in London by the time this post goes up and I'm so excited as it's been 3 years, I think, since my last visit. I'm looking forward to the Christmas lighting and decorations. I hope I can get some decent pictures to use them for my next post on Friday when I'm back home.

Love y'all loads,

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