4 December 2014

LUSH No Drought dry shampoo

Dear readers,

Snow flakes are beautiful and unique, but I don't want them on my head!

I've been using a lot of dry shampoo this year, mostly because I'm trying to wash my hair as less as possible. And not because I'm a pig that likes to roll in its own filth but because I have very fine, sparse and oily hair that breaks only by looking at it.

Washing your hair too often will strip it of its natural oils that help protect it from environmental damage and make it more prone to breakage. So I'm down to twice a week with my hair washing routine. And there is where the dry shampoo comes in handy.

I've tried some drugstore brands that were just fine but I switched over to Batiste to see for myself what all the fuss was about. And I loved it. And then I wanted to try something different. Because I'm never satisfied and always want to find a better alternative and be like: I'm the smartest person in the world, I found the most perfect product nobody has ever talked about...yada yada yada

So I went into the LUSH store when on holidays with my mom and purchased the No Drought dry shampoo. I liked the scent, it smells like freshly cut lemons and I didn't mind that it doesn't come in a convenient spray can. It's a white powder, very much like talcum powder in colour and consistency only it smells very nice, if you like citrus scents. 

As for application, it's not the most convenient product as I found it difficult to apply on the back of my head where I can't very well see if I've poured too much product and I'll end up looking like a Christmas tree all sprinkled in white snow.

I ended up pouring a bit of product on my fingers and working it in my roots, but no matter which way I applied it I always ended up with the same results: the powder does a fine job in getting the oil out of my roots and scalp but it won't go away, it stays behind like some huge dandruff flakes and won't brush off.

After many tries I simply gave up and went back to my trusted Batiste.

On a more positive note I'll leave you a link to etcGabrielle's thought on this same product.

Don't be discouraged and always try out new products as we are all built differently and what suits one person doesn't have to suit everyone.

Check out my first installment of these series, it's about another LUSH product :(

I must say that I do love LUSH products, I have a small wish list ready for my trip to London this Saturday.

For the love of trial and error,

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