1 January 2015

December empties

Dear readers,

There's nothing more satisfying for a beauty addict than using up a product and opening a new one. Here are my thoughts about my December empties. Welcome 2015!

Shiseido Water in Lip balm. I got this during my trip to Tokyo almost 2 years ago and I haven't exactly use it up but I'm finally getting rid of it as I haven't liked it at all. It's not hydrating and it leaves that weird tingly minty feeling on your lips that so many people love, I personally hate it.

Duo eyelash adhesive, great product. I wasn't very much able to put on fake lashes before knowing about this glue. Not that I put on falsies that often so that's the reason why it lost its properties. I reached for it yesterday and it had turned a very milky consistency and didn't become tacky so I had to change my mind about wearing falsies on New Year's Eve :(

L'Óreal EVERSTRONG Shampoo. I can't remember which YouTuber recommended this but I have to say it didn't work out for me. My hair is very oily as it is, this shampoo made it much much oilier, within a day it looked like I hadn't washed it in weeks. I found an alternative use for this, though. I used it to cleanse my make up brushes and it worked wonders. As the hubby run out of his regular shampoo I told him he could use this one but he got the same results, it left his hair feeling very oily, so back to cleaning brushes and sponges it went...

Part of my challenge to get rid of tonnes and tonnes of samples I tried a few. These are a random pick: the Caudalie overnight detox oil, L'Occitane milk concentrate, Eucerin hyaluron filler concentrate and the Bioderma Sébium pore refiner (not sure this worked, though).

I haven't been lucky in the mascara department this year, apart from the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes that is. This Cheater mascara by The Balm was too watery for my taste. I liked the wand, though and it didn't smudge much but I didn't like the consistency. It got better with time but all in all I wouldn't repurchase this.

Ziaja natural olive cream, this was another sample that came within a Birchbox, if I'm not mistaken. Not a bad product but I wasn't a fan of the formula, it didn't apply very smoothly. I would recommend it for those with a tighter budget and under 25.

The Body Shop Raspberry body lotion. Great product, smells incredible and I'll be repurchasing it in any of their scents when I'm done with the one I'm using now.

Lush cosmetics King of Skin. I got this on recommendation of Tanya Burr but I feel it's a bit difficult to apply and although it's very moisturizing and doesn't have an overpowering scent it leaves an oily layer to the skin I particularly don't like. I used it only in the evenings before going to bed as I hate it when your clothes stick to your skin when you're dressing in the morning.

I always forget to mention my favourite candle of the month but here it goes for once. I've been enjoying Yankee Candle Angel's Wings a lot.

I hope y'all have a fabulous 2015 and thanks for being there this past year, you're the greatest.


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