12 January 2015

Favourite blogs of 2014

Dear readers,

This past year I've been enjoying reading and following certain blogs from my Bloglovin feed.

As soon as I noticed that I was drawn towards the same blogs over and over again I made a list so I wouldn't forget to share them with you.

Being a beauty blogger myself I usually gravitate towards beauty related posts but I also like to get inspiration from all kinds of blogs. I have to say that I enjoy posts about blogging tips the most. I'm still a novice blogger so those posts are extremely helpful for improving both my blog and my blogging skills.

This post is a way to thank the blogger behind the scenes for sharing their knowledge with the rest of us. I've learned a lot of new things in 2014 and I can't wait to learn some more and grow as a person and as a blogger so that my readers will find my posts as interesting and inspiring as I find yours.

image take from weheartit

So here's a short list of my most visited blogs during 2014:

Which are your favourite blogs to read? Please share the   

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