14 January 2015

Lush sales haul

Dear readers,

Practice makes perfect, at least that's what they say... This is my second sales purchase at LUSH cosmetics. You can read about my first experience here.

So last year I was lured into getting the hugest box they had that was sold at 100€ (reduced from 200€): the WOW box. It was filled with 30 different items, most of them bath and shower related and limited edition.

This year I was better prepared. I didn't care much for the solid soaps, it's not just this brand, I don't particularly enjoy any kind of soap bar. So I thought I had to concentrate my efforts into getting the perfect bath related box, as those items I enjoy the most. I first fell in love with their bath bombs and, after trying out their bath ballistics and bath melts I'm sold. 

As I was browsing their web site I couldn't decide which box to order and I asked the hubby for advice and he came with the most fantastic idea: why settling for one when I could get 2, yay !

So I ordered this one called Jingle Bells that contains 6 bath products for 20,97€.

And the Santa Claus is coming to Town box that contains 5 bath products, a soap bar and 2 shower gels for 24,98€.

Of course they also threw in some samples: one of their face masks: Oatifix; two shampoos and a cleanser.

Their shipping fee is pretty reasonable at 4,63€ so I ended up paying 51,55€ for a tonne of bath enjoyment that I'm sure is going to last me for a very long time. I'd love to take baths more often if it were not for those annoying envelopes that keep coming uninvited through the post containing invoices :(

What are your LUSH favorites? If you haven't tried anything by LUSH, what are you waiting for?


  1. Oooh them boxes look amazing! My favourite from Lush is the blackberry bath bomb, it smells so good!

    Great haul :)

    Sarah at theblossomcart.co.uk

    1. I haven't tried the BlackBerry bath bomb but I'm sure it's awesome. Thanks for stopping by hun :)

  2. We may have picked a lot of the same items. I done a blog post on the sales too

    Danielle Mac

  3. Ooooo so many goodies!



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