26 January 2015

My weekend in wines #2

Dear readers,

We've had a very lovely weekend with clear skies and warm temperatures, perfect for having a barbecue at our friends' house.

Not warm enough to be using the swimming pool but hey, the summer is just around the corner.

The wines were a very special gift from some other friends who couldn't be with us for the tasting. They are all wines from the Spanish Rioja region and are limited edition.  The labels were designed by famous Spanish fashion designers. Elio Berhanyer, Devota & Lomba, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Antonio Pernas.

Luis Cañas Reserva 1997. Reserva means that the wine has been left in the barrel for at least 12 months and in the bottle for at least 2 years. They are usually in good drinking condition within the next 10 years or at least that's what I've been told. For the record: I'm not an expert in wines, I've just began learning and tasting a few years ago so I apologize if what I'm saying doesn't make any sense.

Solagüen Reserva 1996. This one was our favourite of the lot. The colour of the wine was more orange and there was some serious sediment so I thought it had totally peaked but I was wrong. It even got better after a while and was very round in the mouth, it still had a full-on flavour.

Valserrano Crianza 2000. Crianza wines are a tad younger than the Reserva ones, they need to be left to mature 12 months in the barrel and another 12 in the bottle. I was told that crianza wines are to be consumed within the following 5 years but I was told differently by the host, who is a winery owner BTW.  Just common sense tells me that if Reserva and Crianza wines are left to mature in the barrel for the same amount of time this will not give them a different peaking time. Or am I wrong? Leave me a comment with your thoughts on this.

And the last wine we tasted that day was the Viña Lur Crianza 1999:

Only 3 corks survived the uncorking, curiously enough we all loved the one wine which cork hadn't survived.

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How about you, are you a wine lover?


  1. Wow it looks beautiful! Whilst I'm sat here bundled up in blankets and jumpers haha


    1. Thanks Kathryn, it was a beautiful day. The downside is that we are lacking water, we need some rain coming this way. And it isn't snowing enough for me to go skiing :(


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