19 January 2015

Pantone 2015: Marsala

Dear readers,

A few weeks before the Pantone for 2015 was chosen I had my apartment painted. For the living room I chose a wine red shade with purple undertones, you'll have to excuse my inability to properly describe any colour outside the basic ones.

When I read about the Marsala shade having been chosen the colour of the year I was surprised to see how similar it was to the one I'd gone for.

I tried taking several pictures in different lighting and filters but my camera isn't good enough for this and I'm not very much into editing tools so this is what I ended up with.

All the pictures below haven't been edited just to give you an idea of the real deal as the filter I applied to the picture above makes the colour look more orange than it actually is.

I like having some kind of contrast in colours so I had this room painted half in the Marsala shade and half in white. It's also a good way to delimit the use for a big open space when you're using it for different purposes. In my case the living area is painted in Marsala and the dining area, in white.

This wooden bench was a present from my mum and her boyfriend a few years ago but we had a huge corner couch before and it didn't fit so it was left in the balcony until recently.

The bench didn't come with the cushion so I asked an upholsterer to make one for me, I picked out the fabric and I'm quite happy with the result. I was looking for a contrast in both colour and theme.

This couch just came in this Tuesday and it folds open so that you could be in a lying position in front of the telly, yes I'm that lazy a person...

I still have to finish some details such as putting up my curtains, add a coffee table as the one we have now is an old plain white one from IKEA and I'm still not sure what I'd like to hang on the walls so I'll leave them bare for the moment being.

As for beauty products I found the perfect Marsala lip shade so come back on Wednesday to read all about that.

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