7 January 2015

Roscón de Reyes

Dear readers,

The Holiday season has finally come to an end. And you would think that I would have started with some sort of healthy diet. But no, there's still one last day that calls for celebration: the 3 Kings Day.

There's no better way (ironic) to end the eating frenzy of the last days than with a cup of very thick hot chocolate and a piece of Roscón de Reyes or Kings' Cake. As if you didn't have ingested enough calories to last you a whole year. But you don't mess with tradition, guys.

This delicious cake is like a sweet, ring-like soft bread that's covered with sugar and candied fruit. And the proper way to eat it is by dunking it in your hot chocolate but mind you, you'll have to prepare it thick, so thick for even an anvil to float on top.

As of today I'll be spending my time trying to get rid of the muffin-top waistline I got for Christmas... and you?