18 February 2015

Cleansing oil vs cleansing balm

Dear readers,

Even though my skin's pretty oily I wanted to try out the Camomile silky cleansing oil by The Body Shop as Amelia Liana doesn't stop mentioning it as the best affordable cleansing product she's ever tried. It does a pretty good job at gently removing make up but not enough to skip using an eye makeup remover altogether. When you wash it away with water it slightly foams up and dissolves which is why I like it better than the Ultrabland facial cleanser by LUSH.
I got the latter on my trip to London last December as I'd read it was a must-have product and, being a huge Lush lover, I knew I had to try it out. It feels very comfortable on the skin and it smells lovely, just like any other Lush product. I found out it's better removed with a damp cloth as it leaves an oily layer that water alone doesn't take away. I suppose people with normal to dry skin would enjoy it a lot better. And I had the same issue with the eye make up, it doesn't entirely remove stubborn mascara without having to rub too intensely which I really don't want to as I have very sparse lashes as it is.

As prices go the oil retails for 10£ for a 200ml bottle with a pump and the balm is sold at 7.25£ for a 45g pot.

Definitely two great products for different skin types or preferences and reasonably priced, in my opinion. They haven't messed up my oily skin so I'd recommend any of them, it just depends on how you like to remove your make up. I particularly need to wash it off with water, otherwise I get the feeling that I haven't cleansed my face at all.

What about you? What kind of cleanser do you like using?

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