20 February 2015

Fashion & Home Decor haul: H&M, Primark, Bershka & Asos

Dear readers,

I almost forgot to share this haul with y'all. I haven't purchased many clothing items as of late and I was in the mood to go sale hunting. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to be excited about...

I'll start off with an item I'd never spend money on: sportswear. I don't particularly enjoy doing exercise, I love going on long walks but that's it. I used to take ballet lessons as a child but I quit when my boobs wouldn't start growing and I thought the ballet was to blame. Many years later I'm still waiting for them to magically grow a pair.

I've always used whatever old clothing I had lying around in my closet when it came to doing exercise but I've recently discovered something I really love: aerostretching - more on this in a later post. After going non stop for the last 4 months I allowed myself to spend some money on a nice pair of leggings.

I was watching a haul on YouTube where Fleur de Force showed these H&M leggings that she'd got for only 20€ so I went online and ordered them alongside a few other items:

A basic cotton grey tee for 8€.

And then, I found out there was an H&M Home department. What?

I thought some golden pieces for my newly renovated home would add colour to the stark white background so I got the leave hooks above and the star knobs below for 5€ per pair.

I'd been wanting to get some new cushion covers and these seemed like they were going to fit very nicely. I paid 15€ for the left one and only 5€ for the one on the right.

Candles are a recent obsession of mine so I had to get one to try out. I chose the sandalwood one more for its colour than for the scent. I've been drawn towards golden tones lately.

With the hubby I went to Primark in the hope there were some awesome items for me to spend my money on. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

I'm Batman, shhhh. I love this episode of The Big Bang Theory were Sheldon Cooper tells Leonard his secret. This T-shirt isn't particularly Primark priced as it cost me 10€ but I love it and I've already worn it 3 or 4 times.

I needed some new PJ pants and these are made of the softest material you can think of. They were 7€ if I'm not mistaken.

At Bershka I found the kind of coat I was looking for: cozy, oversized and with some sort of check pattern. I'd been lusting over a Top Shop coat all winter but I couldn't find it when I went to London in December or on their website. Well, it worked out in the end as this coat was only 25€ whereas the Top Shop one was a whopping 195£. Girl, das espensif  *quoting Kathleen Lights.

And lastly, another item I'd seen Fleur de Force talk about in a haul. It's an oversized square check scarf by ASOS. I was hoping for this to be on sale after the winter holidays, instead I almost got an heart attack when I found out it was out of stock. Still in the hope to get this reduced I waited for weeks until I run out of patience and paid the 24,32€ in full. I've been living inside this blanket-scarf every day since.

What's your favourite cozy clothing item?


  1. All of this looks really great. Your posts make me smile even on a busy day to night :-) Really great read. xx http://www.bauchlefashion.com/?m=1

    1. Thanks Heather. Hopefully you're enjoying a more laid back weekend.


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