11 February 2015

Long-term spending ban

Dear readers,

After running out of space for all my beauty products I've willingly decided to put myself on a strict spending ban. A second goal I wish to achieve is to save some vacation money and finally be able to go to the Canary islands as I've never been there before... I know, shame on me!

image taken from someecards

Last year I tried following this challenge for a month but I simply ended up spending twice as much the following month.

This time I'm going for a longer run, hopefully 6 months will be enough to cure me from having too many spending sprees in the future. Let's see how that works out...

The only purchase I'll allow myself will be to refill any true empties, that is, no more backups left either. Believe me when I tell you that this is almost a new installment of Mission Impossible, lol.

One thing I'm doing already is deleting all mailing offers aka temptation. I can't bring myself to cancel all my mailing subscriptions as I love all the online stores I'm subscribed to but I don't allow myself to open up any of those alluring emails.

Physical stores I don't have much to worry about as I almost never shop there, 90% of my purchases are done online so that's one problem less.

What about you? Do you like challenging yourself to see what you're capable of?