9 February 2015

My new blender: Breville Blend-Active

Dear readers,

I've been enjoying smoothies ever since I got my new blender. I started out having them on the weekends but lately I've been able to drag myself out of bed a few minutes earlier and prepare me a breakfast smoothie to take to work.

Being a beauty blogger I'm a bit of a copycat and I like to follow most of the trends my fellow bloggers and my favourite YouTubers  are obsessed about.

Many of them have been sharing their smoothie recipes as part of the ritual of starting off the new year with a clean slate and try to lead a healthier lifestyle.
I wasn't going to splash out on a fancy blender like the NutriBullet but I wanted something similar, you know: compact, easy to use and to clean and that wouldn't take up half my kitchen counter.

So I had a browse on Amazon and came upon a cheaper alternative: the Breville Blend-Active.

I immediately liked its consumer-friendly design as it seemed very convenient to be using the same container to blend and to drink from.

The one that only came with two large (600ml) blending bottles was a bit cheaper but I chose this set that also included two smaller ones (300ml). I ordered it for 37.87£ including postage & packing and, just a few days later it was safely delivered.

These are the ingredients I like mixing together for my daily breakfast smoothie:

- 1/2 cup of oats
- 1 tbsp of flax seed
- 2 dates (for sweetness) or some agave syrup
- frozen banana
- frozen berries (any kind that I can get my hands on)
- almond milk 

Sometimes I like to add or switch ingredients with:
- green kiwi (only when I can find the really green ones)
- 1/2 Kanzi apple (I love these as the skin's not so hard)
- orange juice instead of almond milk

What's your favourite healthy food/drink?

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