16 February 2015

Valentine gifts

Dear readers,

I apologize up front if you're suffering from an overload of Valentine related posts but the hubby surprised me this year and came home bearing some thoughtful and useful gifts.

First a small notebook featuring the Ferris Wheel on the cover. It's small enough to carry in my purse and make notations on blog post ideas and such. I find this way is more practical than keeping notes on my phone.

A compact card holder. I love the Flamingo print, it makes me think of summery days.

A leopard print phone case. It's my favourite kind of print and the hubby knows this. The bright yellow and orange combination makes it easier to find my phone in my purse.

And this is what I got him: a flowery cleaning cloth (hint, hint) and some delicious home-made chewy chocolate chip cookies.

How was your Valentine's day? I spent it with my mum because she's the love of my life. Boyfriends and hubbies come and go but your mum is always going to be there for you, loving you no matter what. Cheesy? Maybe, but also very true.

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