24 February 2015

Weirdest shower gel ever: Lush Snowman

Dear readers,

I had no idea how the heck this was supposed to be used when I first opened it up. I thought it was similar to the Fun bar but when I tried taking a chunk of product it wouldn't come off.

I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with it and tried rubbing it on my skin but it kept slipping and falling into the bath tub. 

After a few uses I noticed that even though it's an uncommon thick jelly texture it actually foams up really well.

The way I like using it now is by rubbing it into my shower puff until it foams up and then wash my body with it, the same as with any other shower gel.

I've noticed that my skin feels very soft and hydrated, much more than with any other shower gel I've tried before, even those from Lush itself. I also like the scent more than the So White or Rose Jam shower gels.

Sorry I haven't featured a picture of the Snowman itself but I forgot to take one before I started using it and now he's somewhat disfigured, lol.

I'm afraid this item is only sold during the winter holidays, it came in one of the boxes I ordered in my January sales haul. I'll make sure to stock up this Christmas.

What's the weirdest product you've come accross?


  1. I would definitely have the same reaction as you if I opened it and it was like a solid block! I never actually think that shower gel will help my skin to feel soft, obviously using the wrong ones haha!
    cottonandcandie xx

    1. I never liked to spend much on shower gels as I don't feel their scent lingers on the skin or that they add hydration or anything so I just got the cheapest and biggest bottle I could find at my local supermarket. Lately I've been enjoying trying out different brands and scents and Lush is definitely one of my favourite stores as bath and shower products are concerned. Thanks for stopping by gorgeous!


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