25 March 2015

Bathroom remodeling

Dear readers,

I'm still going through my first writer's block since I started my blog but I won't let it stand in the way of uploading three times a week like I promised myself in January #NewYearsResolutions.

In December we had some home remodelling done; which included a paint job, new windows, replacing or reupholstering furniture, adding some decoration and of course, getting rid of THE clutter.

As the warmer months are nearby we decided to take it a step further and remodel our tiny bathroom. Yesterday we spent the afternoon looking for ideas and I took some pictures to help us decide later on.

We both liked these two entirely different style of tiles: above the Japanese Seikai Ha in black and white and below a grey tile with Swarovski-like waves.

A great idea for storing all of our (mainly mine) bath products in the shower. I really hate those annoying plastic or metal shower caddies or whatever they are called.

The hubby liked this tile that resembles old or reclaimed wood and it's growing on me too. What do you think?

This gorgeous sink is made out of one piece of marble so it weighs a ton or maybe even more. It's rather expensive but we only have one bathroom, so why not?

And finally we agreed on the shower head, we both like this one, but instead of the shiny silver we would like it in the antique golden tone of the faucet handle on the right (middle one, second row down).

Thanks for bearing with me,

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