5 March 2015

Cotton rounds

Dear readers,

You might think this is a boring subject and that there couldn't be much difference between different brands of cotton pads, like I did, until last week.

As I tend to forget getting them when I'm doing my weekly grocery shopping I've tried out a few different brands.

I usually get them at my local supermarket Mercadona, they sell their own brand called Deliplus and they work just fine, like a regular cotton pad should. They have them in a bigger size that I like to get because I can get more use out of them. To remove my eye make up I like to cut them in half, soak them in eye make up removal and let them rest on my eyelids for a few seconds until my mascara has softened up so I don't need rubbing too hard.

Last time I got them in the drugstore, can't remember the exact brand but man, how awful they were. When removing my eye make up little strands of fibers would stick to my eye lashes. On top of all that they weren't very gentle, they left my skin tingling but not in a good way. I've never had an issue with cotton pads before and my skin has never broken out from any product I've put it through.

* On the left: Biocura Beauty. On the right: yikes, never again.

My recent purchase has been a complete success: the Biocura beauty 100% cotton pads. They are made in Germany and sold in Aldi supermarkets. They were a lot cheaper (1,65€ for 200 rounds) than my regular ones and they even are chlorine free, what more can you ask for? They are amazing, they are very gentle but effective at the same time. They are the smoothest rounds I've come across, the cotton is pressed so tightly that they feel like cloth, if you know what I mean. As you maybe can see in the picture above they are dual-sided, they have a smooth side for applying lotions and a flower-embossed one for gentle cleansing on the other.

I keep them in an empty Yankee Candle large jar that I'm recycling for this purpose. I love finding new ways to recycle empty candle jars.

What are your favourite uses for empty candle containers? Any fun ideas?

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