30 March 2015

LUSH Copperhead shampoo bar #2

Dear readers,

I recently spoke about this shampoo bar from Lush and told you it made my hair look darker after a few washes.

Yesterday I came to the idea of using it for a totally different purpose and it worked so well that I'm still amazed at the results.

Sunday is my make up brushes cleansing day and the most difficult task of all is getting rid of all the built up foundation from my sponge (Beauty Blender or Real Techniques).

To the left the Blendercleanser solid for 16$ (although mine is a mini size that came in a BB kit for 25$) and to the right the Copperhead shampoo bar for 12$

To the left a brand new unused BB and to the right my old BB that I've used for several weeks (on and off as I've also been using the Real Techniques dupe and I sometimes like using foundation brushes as well).

Let me tell you that I haven't seen my BB this clean since I used it for the first time. Even when I used the Bleandercleanser it never, ever got back to be pink all over again.

As I've sometimes used shampoo to clean by brushes I thought, why not try with the Copperhead shampoo that was lying around my bathroom sink?

The result was just WOW!

As this shampoo foams up like nobody's business I think it helps get deep within the core of the sponge and take all the dirt out in no time.

For those of you with skin issues you can always use an antibacterial soap as an extra step and give the sponge a final wash to get rid of all the unseen bacteria.

This is what I was using to clean my make up brushes and sponges until I stumbled upon the Copperhead shampoo trick.

How often do you deep-cleanse your make up tools?

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