7 March 2015

LUSH Copperhead shampoo bar

Dear readers,

I've been trying out different ways to wash my hair without damaging it. I even went through a 3-month no poo challenge. Have a look here for more info.

Having past the 40s barrier my hair has thinned out considerably. I've never had a big and luscious mane to begin with but I hate thinking that I'm going to look bald very soon.

Thanks to dry shampoo (usually Batiste) I've managed to space out my hair washes, from 3 or 4 times a week to only 2. This is supposed to be helpful in keeping my hair from the nasty and damaging ingredients (parabens, sulfates, salt, etc) that come in most shampoos.

Of course there are more and more shampoos in the market that don't carry these type of ingredients and are formulated with natural or organic alternatives, but I have still to find the perfect one.

When I heard some blogger mention the new Lush shampoo bars coming out last autumn I knew I had to give them a try. I ended up purchasing 2 of them during my stay in London: Copperhead (pictured above) and Brazilliant.

I chose Copperhead as they told me that it's supposed to be great for dark dyed hair, to leave it conditioned and very glossy. As I need to dye my hair regularly to get rid of my grays I thought it would be a match made in heaven.

Yesterday it was time again for a visit to my hairdresser. As soon as I walked in the salon I got weird looks from the girls. They said my hair looked a few shades darker from my last visit and they even thought I had dyed it myself, unable to wait for them to do it. I told them no but then I remembered using Copperhead and looked it up on Lush's website. I wasn't aware that it contained coffee and henna so I was unintentionally dying my hair darker with each wash.

I also had in mind to get a hair cut this time. Just as well because the hairdresser noticed my ends feeling extremely dry and she told me it came from the henna.

So now I need to use this shampoo very sparingly or stop using it altogether. I even hadn't used it that many times as I'm always alternating shampoos. I suppose I'll find another use for it or simply give it away.

Any recommendations for a great nonabrasive shampoo?


  1. I stopped using their Solid Shampoos because I find they often leave my hair feeling greasy very easily, and never truly wash out properly.
    I can't believe this actually changed your hair colour though! I fee like it should be noted on their website"

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. This one didn't make my hair feeling any oilier. I've had that issue with the L'Óreal ever range (the green one, I think it was for strength) it left my hair feeling very greasy. It worked great for cleaning my hair and make up brushes, though. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I've tried their solid shampoos but I've never had any luck. My hair is really thick and I feel like it never washes my hair. My hair is super dry and it almost felt drier after. Such a bummer as I love lush.

    1. I've been having a streak of bad luck regarding Lush products, but I'm not giving up on them. Have you tried the Macadamia hair care rang?, Their hair mask is really amazing.

  3. Henna does not dry out my hair. I use it to color grey and its great. I love copperhead for keeping my hair looking good between henna's

  4. I used to dye my hair with henna when I was in my teens and I loved it. My hair didn't feel any drier by its use. The hubby has been using copperhead for a couple of weeks and he's been loving it. I might give it another go in the summer months and see if it really darkens my hair. Thanks for stopping by Sarah.


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