23 March 2015

LUSH Full of Grace: alternative use

Dear readers,

All the available online reviews should make it easier for us customers to decide which beauty product will "most" probably suit us, and it does. Up to a point, that is. There's still a slight chance that the declared must-have beauty item by many reviewers turns out to be a disappointment for others.

But this post is not about that, I wanted to share with you how I deal with those "disappointing" products. I'm not saying they are bad products, just that they haven't worked out for me for some reason.
Lush Full of Grace

For example: take the Full of Grace serum by LUSH Cosmetics.
This solid serum bar features a blend of oils that keeps your skin moisturized. I have very oily skin and though I switched over to night time use it still felt too heavy and greasy for my taste. I like using serums and I love Lush products, especially for their scent so I was very sad to see this wasn't working for me.

I hate wasting products so I'm always trying to use them up anyway or finding an alternative use before completely giving up on them.

Although I have oily skin I suffer from severely dehydrated lips. One evening I was busy with my skin care routine when I came upon a piece of this serum and it occurred to me to apply it to my lips like a chapstick. The following morning I woke up to the most amazingly baby-soft lips, and yes, I've tried the Nuxe rĂªve de miel and many other super hyped lip balms. But none of them can compare to this gem. It's even better than my trusted old Purol salve, a Dutch miracle product for dry and rough patches.

What's your favourite lip balm?

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