2 March 2015

My trip to Rioja in pics

Dear readers,

Last week I took a few days off (work, hubby, wifi, blogging and warm weather) and went to visit my dear friend Ester who lives in the La Rioja wine region up north.

I've already been there several times, you can read about my previous visit here.

On our first day we went to visit Eguren Ugarte, a medium size family-run winery in Laguardia.

We picked up Ester after work in Elciego, she finished earlier that day in order to be able to have lunch with us.

We visited Bauza, a small winery in Elciego where we had a delicious lunch afterwards. The friendly Irene made sure we had enough wine to accompany the home-made dishes.

Ester's brother in law works at Pagos del Rey, a huge winery that looks more like a factory. These huge metallic fermentation tanks always make me think of the war of the worlds.

We were able to see the cleaning of the wine barrels in action. It's usually done every 6 months, after the process the barrels are left to dry naturally and then filled again.

Stage 1: the barrels are picked up by a robot arm and placed on a conveyor belt.

Stage 2: they go into the washing machine where they are sprayed with hot water.

Stage 3: they go through a second cleanse using a vapor steamer.

On the following day we visited Bodegas Riojanas in Cenicero. It's a huge winery where you still can feel a bit of the history hidden within the 19th century-old walls.

That night we had dinner at Marqués de Riscal in Elciego. I posted several pics of the dishes we had on Instagram so, if you're curious to see how delicious they all looked you can follow me there.

Seriously, how can a building be this gorgeous? Thank you, Frank O. Gehry. It's amazing how it changes colour depending on how the light hits the titanium roof. It looks beautiful at any time of the day or night and during any season. Ester calls it the space shuttle, lol.

This is the aftermath of our visit, all the empty wine bottles we left behind for Ester to recycle.

Just a quick click on my camera to capture the local fauna. It was freezing cold outside but the kitty cats were looking quite content.

To end this post I'll leave you with two different selfies: the first one to show you how I look when I've overslept and had no time whatsoever to put make up on or style my unruly hair. In the second I'm looking a bit more put together although I didn't bother with my hair either and just put it up in a bun.

Hope you have a great week.

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