6 April 2015

Easter in wines - Enrique Mendoza Vineyards.

Dear readers,

Four years ago Easter became my favorite holiday of the year. That's when Enrique Mendoza Vineyards held their first Wine Weekend Experience. Not only is this winery the closest to home, we also very much enjoy their wines. For only 10€ per person you are able to taste up to 13 different wines and also learn some interesting facts along the way.
Enrique Mendoza Vineyards is a small sized family-run winery that grows white Chardonnay and Moscatel grapes along with red Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot, Petit Verdot, Monastrell and Shiraz grapes.
You can visit the winery from 09:30 to 16:00 hours on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. As you don't need to pay the 10€ fee if you have some left over tickets from the previous day, we went there every single day, yay!
This year they'd added some tents for protection against rain or excessive sunshine, like we had the previous year.

Besides the 7 featured wines you also got a ticket for a sweet wine + chocolate. 
I usually like the Petit Verdot variety the best but this year I fell in love with the Cabernet-Shiraz.
You can also attend 6 workshops:
  1. Difference in 220l and 500l barrels
  2. Difference in soil: limestone vs clay gravel
  3. Ecological farming: no use of chemical pesticides
  4. Express course in wine tasting - Petit Verdot
  5. Mendoza's own Tagarina olive oil tasting
  6. How wine barrels are made and toasted
El Xato restaurant offers a variety of sandwiches (from 4 to 5€), a plate of truly delicious paella (5€), Russian salad (4€), ice cream (3€) and non alcoholic beverages (1€ for water, 2€ for a soda). 
You can also get a cheese platter for 4€ from La Despensa de Andres
My happy wine drinking smile, lol.
On Saturday we went to have lunch afterwards and we chose a seafood paella at El Chiringuito de Altea... mmmm one of the best in the area. 

Back home I opened the box of wines that I got for the hubby, this one's his fave: Magic Vineyards.
On Easter Sunday we had a family picnic and afterwards we went for a walk. How amazing is this view of our bay?
It's customary to eat the Mona (Easter bun) on the Monday after Easter Sunday but my brother in law couldn't make it that day. You're supposed to break the (cooked) egg on someones forehead, don't ask me why.
We had an AlbariƱo wine for lunch and this Moscatel sweet wine for dessert.

What was your Easter weekend like?

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