29 April 2015

Forever 21: jewelry haul

Dear readers,

Forever 21 is my favourite place to shop for jewelry, it's cheap so I don't mind purchasing new items once the older ones have started to rust. I usually wait for them to offer free shipping and order a bunch of different items.

Last year I was obsessed with statement necklaces but this year I'm in need of some dainty ones so I picked these:

Layered Cutout Geo necklace

Layered Cutout Geo necklace for 5€

Geo Pendant necklace set

Geo Pendant necklace set for 7€ You can wear them all stacked up or one at a time.

Rhinestone Spike necklace

Rhinestone Spike necklace for 5€

I thought the necklace would pair perfectly with this bracelet I got last summer although the spikes from the necklace are much smaller.

Happiness bracelet set

Happiness bracelet set for 4€ and I can wear them on my wrist or on my ankle, like I'm showing you here below.

Happiness bracelet set

Rhinestone Mini Hoop earrings for 2.50€ I've been looking for something very similar in real gold for ages now so I thought I'd see if I liked them enough to splurge on the real deal later on.

Rhinestone mini hoop earrings Rhinestone mini hoop earrings

I also went outside my comfort zone and got these Oversized Hoop earrings for 3€ this shows my obsession with my recent girl crush Jaclyn Hill. You can watch her rave about hoop earrings on this YouTube video, just jump to minute 11:10.

Oversized Hoop earrings

And last but not least I couldn't not order another statement necklace. I picked out this Rhinestone-Encrusted Statement necklace for 12€ because the ones that I have are all very colourful and more difficult to pair with certain clothing items. 

Rhinestone-Encrusted Statement necklace

What do you think? I paid 38.50€ for all of this, I think it's a pretty good deal as I'll be wearing these loads over the spring and summer.

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