27 April 2015

Free blotting sheets

Dear readers,

I've been meaning to post about where I get free blotting sheets for quite a while now but I've never come round to it. I wasn't sure this would be interesting enough to share with y'all but here we go anyway.

You can find these napkin holders in almost every "Tapas" bar in Spain. The napkins are paper-like and very thin so there's not much use you can give them but they are a lot cheaper (I think they get them for free with any drinks order) than the softer tissue-like napkins. I never cared much for these, as they are uncomfortable and rough when wiping your mouth clean, until last summer. 

On my lunch break I sometimes go over to a bar and have some kind of toast or sandwich. I was sitting outside in the sun when my gaze came upon the napkin holder. I started thinking of how useless these napkins were when a thought hit me: they looked very much like blotting sheets so I grabbed a bunch and put them in my handbag.

I have very oily skin and my this becomes apparent very soon. This is a picture of me 9 hours after applying foundation. I didn't touch up my make up for the sake of this post.


And this one is after using the free blotting sheets or napkins. I hope you can see the difference, I haven't edited these pics in order to show you the real deal. And yes, I could have brushed my hair beforehand as it gets tangled up and messy after a hard day's work but hey, #keepingitreal


I apologize for the next pictures, I suppose it's a bit gross to share my oily residue with y'all but it's in my sharing contract... not funny, I know, I'll keep trying.

Above you can see how the napkin has absorbed all my face oils like a regular blotting sheet would do.

When you open up the napkin you can feel it's rough on one side and softer on the other. The softer side is very similar to the regular blotting sheets but even the rougher side won't alter your make up if you only use soft pressing motions. Wiping your face would take some of your make up off but the same applies to regular blotting sheets. I especially like them because I'm good to go with only one of them, if I used those tiny blotting papers that are sold at the drugstore I'd need at least 4.

I know that many of you may use tissues or toilet paper for this purpose but I can assure you this one's much better at absorbing all the oils in your face.

If you don't need to carry around blotting sheets, you're very lucky and I'm jealous :)

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