20 May 2015

Best concealer for watery eyes

Dear readers,

One of my biggest issues are my eyes. They just won't accept anything other than eye cream, any eye cream, as I haven't yet found one that would give me some kind of allergy.

My eyelids are extremely oily so I need to use an eye primer, not a regular one as I've tried several of them, even the prep & prime by MAC. They just don't work out for me. I envy those of you who can prime their eyelids with a bit of concealer and setting powder.
But this post isn't about priming my eyelids, it's about making my under eye concealer stay in place.
MAC paint pot
I suffer from the most watery eyes known to man. When I start applying eye shadow, tears will come up my tear duct, not down, no, up! Yes, you read that right. I can never apply any shadow on the inner part of my upper eyelid as it won't stick. Even if I dry the area it will get wet after a few minutes and ruin everything I put there.
MAC paint pot
The same happens to my under eye area nearest the tear duct. When I apply my concealer and set it with powder it will stay put for half and hour maybe, after that it will just fade away. Not entirely, but there's a spot on my left eye just near the tear duct that has a mind of its own. I'll find myself looking in the mirror during the day and see a dark spot peak through were there should be concealer and it will drive me insane #ocdproblems.
MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre
Instead of using the Urban Decay Primer Potion lately I've been reaching for MAC's paint pot in Soft Ochre to prime my eyelids. It works as a primer even though it's not advertised as such. One day it occurred to me to use it as an under eye primer before putting on concealer and magic was born. As I don't have dark under eye circles I sometimes just skip concealer altogether, especially when I'm in a rush.
Swatch MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre
Soft Ochre is the perfect shade for me, it's a light beige with a yellow undertone that also works well as an under eye brightener. It sets pretty quickly so I just dab my ring finger in the pot and work it on one eye at a time. It helps keep the concealer from creasing or moving around and it doesn't cake up, at least it doesn't on me. This is the best trick I've stumbled upon, so far.

What are your favourite beauty tricks? Please share,


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