6 May 2015

Squeaky-clean hair brushes

Dear readers,

We can find many posts on how to clean your make up brushes, but what about hair brushes? I think we tend to forget about giving them some TLC once in a while.

Although I'm not prone to breakouts or suffer from any skin issues, except for my annoying oily skin, I like keeping my make up brushes clean. I tend to do this every Sunday so I can start off the week with squeaky-clean brushes.

As for hair brushes, I only clean them at the beginning of each month so I won't forget. I've been following this schedule since January 1st and I'm quite proud of myself for having kept this New Year's resolution so far.

This is the way I go from yucky to squeaky-clean brushes:

I fill a medium sized bucket with lukewarm water and add some random shampoo. I've become very picky lately when it comes to shampoos so I always keep the ones I haven't liked and use them for this purpose.

I put my brushes and combs in the water and let them soak for 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes more if I forget about them...

After the soaking I comb through the bristles to get all the tangled hair out. This task becomes easier now that the shampoo has softened them up quite a bit.

Then I take a spare toothbrush that I keep for this purpose and brush in between the bristles to remove any left over dirt and hair.

Next, I rinse them under the faucet until there's no shampoo residue left. I shake them up a bit to get rid of the excess water and lay them on a towel to dry overnight with the bristles facing down so as to make it easier for the water to drip down.

The following day your squeaky-clean and nice-smelling brushes will be ready to use.

How often do you clean your hair brushes?

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