27 June 2015

Alterna Bamboo UV+ Shampoo & Conditioner

Dear readers,

Although I absolutely love the Macadamia hair care range I wanted to try out something new. My most recent YouTube obsession has been Jaclyn Hill and I'm so in love with her hair colour that I'm thinking of dying my hair the same shade. I should have gone to my hairdresser's yesterday but I ended up canceling my appointment as I was too tired from work and took a long nap instead. I'm planning on going next week as my greys are multiplying like crazy and I really need to cover them up.

Alterna Bamboo Color Hold +

While browsing through my dozens of subscription emails I came upon an offer from HQHair and I decided to try out the Alterna Bamboo Color Hold which features a UV Shield and is free of: 
  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Gluten
  • Phthalates
  • Sodium chloride
  • Synthetic color

They had a 25% off offer when buying 2 or more products from the range so I got the shampoo and conditioner for 12.75£ each.

I still haven't tried them out so I cannot give you my opinion on the product itself at this point but so far I can tell you that I absolutely love the packaging. The container bottles are made to look like bamboo stems with their vascular bundles what makes them have the most perfect grip.

Best of all is the twisty top. I find this so much better than pumps. You can store the bottles upside down so that you can get the last drop of product out and you'll never have to worry again about losing the cap.

I tried to get a whiff of the scent but I couldn't discern any particular smell so I'll keep you updated on that after I've given them a few tries. Not so sure about me dying my hair red but more on that later.

Have a great weekend!

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