3 June 2015

CC Sportswear: Comfy & Colourful

Dear readers,

I'm not much of a sports lover, either by watching or participating. In fact, I hate all kind of sports, especially those involving rounded objects that bounce and fly to an unknown destination.

As a kid I took some ballet lessons from age 5 to 13. I quit as soon as I noticed that my boobs were refusing to grow while everyone else (including certain boys) was growing a pair. Not that it did me any good, the only things growing since then have been my butt and my muffin top :(

Not long ago I found a discipline I liked: aerostretching; read more here. At first, I didn't want to spend any money on a cute outfit as I thought I'd quit after a few lessons, like I always do. But after several months of wearing the same worn out leggings, I decided to treat myself for how well I was behaving.

So these are two outfits that I've baptized as CC (Comfy & Colourful).

Outfit #1:

I got this top from my mom, it's a very bright fucsia with some rhinestones on the upper half.

These tye-dye leggings (20€) I got online at H&M (not available anymore) whilst watching Fleur de Force mentioning it in a haul.

Outfit #2:

This old T-shirt was a present from a friend of mine who knows how much I like cats :)

And again some H&M leggings (reduced from 25€ to 21.24€), these are a more recent addition and are just a bit shorter than the other pair.

And finally I got me some trainers as the others I have are grey and bright green so they don't match any of my outfits.

I've never had black trainers before but I thought these would go perfectly with whatever outfit I choose and the purple and bright blue detailing gives them a more cheerful appearance. They weigh almost nothing, making them the comfiest shoes ever. I'm even wearing them with my denim shorts when I'm running errands.

They are by Nike and they were reduced from 50€ to 39.95€.

What's your favourite way to keep fit?

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