10 June 2015

Copycat alert: adult colouring book

Dear readers,

A few years back I followed a de-stress course only to help out my sister-in-law, who was in desperate need for attendants. Little did I know how good it would do me. It was sort of a crash course, only 8 hours split into two consecutive days but it was enough to dig into our deepest feelings. You know how you can block out and even forget some painful memories? Well they all came out to me in the form of tears after only one simple meditation exercise. I had never done mediation before in my life so I wasn't prepared for the powerful effect it had on me.

On the second day we had to draw something, anything that came to mind. Seems quite simple and straightforward, doesn't it? And it is, actually, but you wouldn't believe how it helps empty the mind from all the junk information that we tend to accumulate during the day, every day, for the rest of our lives. It felt like I'd emptied my mental trash can and made space in my head for new and more useful thoughts.

The only time when we truly close our minds to reboot and recharge is during our sleep. To me, sleep has always been very important. There are people who can function relatively well with only 4-6 hours of sleep, I can't. I need at least 8, although 9 would be ideal but, let's face it, who has the time to sleep 9 hours a day?

That's when the painting comes in handy. I read or heard? about adult colouring becoming popular a few months back and I thought about getting myself a colouring book because I'd had such a positive experience that one time. On the other hand I was thinking, am I really spending money on such a childish passtime? So I put it off for a while.

Lately I've been feeling quite stressful at work and, taking advantage of the fact that I have to prepare for some exams, I've taken up all this year's vacation days to study. I'm more than halfway through and I can't seem to focus or concentrate with so many things in my mind.

So, instead of studying I was going through my Twitter feed aka #procrastination when I came across this tweet:

Tweet by @sweetdreamsxox

It was like this post by Alexandra from Sweet Dreams was especially made for me. Even before I'd finished reading it, I was opening tabs on my computer to make my online order. I first looked at Amazon.es and when I had the items in my basket I went to Amazon.co.uk and compared prices. I always do this as most times it's cheaper to have it sent from the UK, even though the shipping fee is twice as high, don't ask me why. Sure enough it was cheaper on the UK site so I ordered it from there and got them carefully wrapped and punctually delivered this afternoon.

Staedler triplus fineliner
Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom colouring book
Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom colouring book
Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom colouring book

I even copied Alexandra's choice in pens as she made such sense in describing how the 0.3mm fine liners were great for filling in tight spaces and wouldn't transfer to the oposite page. I just hope she don't mind too much me copying her ideas.

Happy colouring, or whatever you like doing to recharge batteries,

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