8 June 2015

Father's Day gift ideas

Dear readers,

Although Father's Day is celebrated on March 19th in Spain (Saint Joseph's), I wanted to share some gift ideas with those of you who are celebrating it this month.

My father passed away more than 15 years ago but my mom has had a new boyfriend for quite a while now. Not that I would buy him a gift for Father's Day but his birthday is in June and I had to find him a present.

I came across this website: IWOOT (I want one of those) and really liked the range of items they are selling. They even offer what they call New Experience Days, such as wine tasting, rally thrill, quad biking, tank driving and more fun stuff.

These are a few of my personal favourites:

Father's day gift ideas

Up By Jawbone Sleep and Activity Tracking/Health and Fitness Wristband...

And this is what I ended up getting for Dougie: Garnier Delial SPF 50 for face and body.

His GP has been warning him about the chance of developing skin cancer as he used to be a sailor and spent too much time in the sun without protection.

As most guys he hates putting on creams and lotions, especially if they leave that unpleasant sticky residue so I thought he would like the oil-free face cream and the dry body mist.


Just when I had decided on getting him the body mist a sales person mentioned they were having a new deal in all sunscreen products: every second item being 50% discounted. So I grabbed the face cream as well and went home feeling very lucky.

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