17 June 2015

Optrex: eyedrops in spray

Dear readers,

Although I'm a tad nearsighted I don't usually wear my prescription glasses as I'm always working on my computer at work or at home and for that I don't need wearing them yet *fingers crossed.

I work for 7 straight hours from Monday to Friday, that leaves me with plenty of time to do other things, like blogging.

The minute I enter my apartment I head straight to my computer and start working on my blog, that involves being active on my social media, read other blogs and interact with other bloggers, edit pictures, watch some YouTube and, of course, do some online shopping, yay for that!

At the end of the day when I take off my make up, and I do this each and every night, I sometimes feel my eyes itching or feeling very dry so I reach for my eye drops.

A few weeks ago I went to the Pharmacy to pick up my usual meds (allergies) and I saw this little spray bottle on display at the counter:

Optrex spray ocular

Optrex spray ocular

Optrex spray ocular

Personally, I don't have any trouble in using the regular eye drops. On the other hand, a friend of mine is scared to death for anything coming close to her eyes. One time we had to force her between 3 people to put some drops into her eyes in order to treat an infection she had developed.

So I purchased this eye spray having her in mind in case it proved out to be any good. You are  supposed to spray this onto your closed eyelids, 1 or 2 times on each eye at a 10cm distance. Genius isn't it?

1ml of product contains:

Soy Lecithin                     10mg
Sodium Chloride                8mg
Ethanol                            8mg
Phenoxyethanol                 5mg
Vitamin A Palmitate       0.25mg
Vitamin E                      0.02mg
Purified water

As I've never tried the eye drops version I cannot compare them. My regular drops only contain methyl cellulose (lubricant) so I'm not sure what salt and alcohol are doing in eye drops/spray.

After a few times trying this out I can say that this product stings quite a bit, it made my eyelids very itchy and it didn't feel comforting or moisturizing to my eyes.

I'm sorry I can't remember its exact price but I think it was close to the 5€ mark.

I wouldn't recommend this product to replace your regular drops unless you have a similar fear to them as the one my friend has. I'm going to find an alternative use as that's what I like to do with anything that doesn't work out for me, which is quite often, let me tell you.

I think I'm going to use it to make my eyeshadows pop by applying them with a wet brush. Instead of reaching for my Fix + by MAC I'll use the Optrex Actimist 2-in-1 eye spray. I haven't tried this out yet so I hope it won't sting my eyes so badly, otherwise I'll have to get rid of it.

Any other thoughts on alternative uses?

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