25 July 2015

10 Beauty YouTube channels I couldn't live without

Dear readers,

For the last 4 and a half years I've been taking up all the beauty tips and tricks I could get hold on from various YouTube channels. My first loves were Michelle Phan, Kandee Johnson and Marlena from MakeupGeek. I still follow their channels but they've outgrown their purpose, I don't feel they have anything left to teach me but I keep watching their vids for other purposes. Michelle's videos are extremely professional, I love how fast Kandee can talk, there doesn't seem to be an end to the amount of information she can compress in 8 minutes and Marlena is a very sweet and lovable lady.

Some of my newest additions may not be make up artists but they contribute in other ways to my search for knowledge or they simply help me relax and enjoy a good show.

So here's my list, in no particular order:

Tanya Burr

If she were to quit YouTube I swear I'd cry my eyes out. There's something about her happy & bubbly personality that makes you feel like she's your best friend in the whole wide world. The other plus point she has in her favour is her boyfriend Jim Chapman. The way they interact on camera, so natural and so loving makes me believe in everlasting love. I'm counting the days to December as I can't wait for her yearly vlogmas videos, they are the best!

Claire Marshall

Her vids are the coolest, they are so well thought and edited that I can just sit and watch with an open mouth and wish I'd look a bit like her. How gorgeous can a person be? Even the hubby is subscribed to her channel as I made him watch video after video.

Emily Noel

This is the channel to watch if you seek advice on a certain product. To me she's the best beauty product reviewer ever. She's extremely thorough with her reviews and she takes her job so serious ly that you feel very secure about the chances of a certain product working out for you or not.

Estee Lalonde

It may be her Canadian accent, or not, but when you hear her speak you just can't stop watching. She has the funniest way to express herself and I just love her.

Ingrid Nilsen

A natural beauty, that's how I would describe her. She pours her heart out in every video and this is captured by the camera. The way she talks about her deepest feelings and interacts with her audience is very rare and for that we love her, all 3.7M people.

Jaclyn Hill

She's my most recent addition, thanks to another YouTuber (Kathleen Lights). In the short time I've been following her I've developed a serious girl crush. Her make up is so flawless it hurts and her highlight is always on fleek. I'd love to get hold of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop, the highlighter she created with them.

Lisa Eldridge

For the most expert advice and make up tutorials you need to follow Lisa. Her British accent, perfect diction and slow cadence makes you feel like you're in a meditation class.

Jen Chae

I love her fashion vids, it's difficult for us petite girls to find clothing that fits well and how to best combine items to make us look a bit taller. She's not the most talented at make up or editing or vlogging but she's so cute and she keeps her vids short so they are easier to watch. The one I could watch on hours on end is the 2 minute make up challenge, the way she puts on falsies is  pretty impressive.

Patricia Bright

I'm not sure why I love Patricia, but it may have to do with having similar "issues" while growing up, at least that's what I've interpreted from some of her more in-depth videos. She seems to have gone through a lot before blooming and becoming a self assured and beautiful woman.

All throughout my childhood and well into puberty I've heard nothing but: "you're ugly", "nobody will ever want to marry you", "I can't be your friend because my mum says we don't make friends with coloured people". 

If I'd been a stronger person I'd have replied back and take no notice but I was not, I just caved a hole and tried to hide in it until the hole was so deep that I had difficulty climbing back up. Eventually I did, and all these ladies I'm mentioning in this post have been a big part of me recovering my self esteem and making me feel strong enough to start wearing make up. 

I think the one reason I never wore make up before was because I felt I wasn't worth it. There's a Spanish saying that goes: "aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda". It means something like: even if you're wearing fancy clothing you'll still stay ugly. Maybe there's a similar one in English, I don't know.

And at number 10 a bonus channel:


He'll help you out with the most important beauty accessory every person needs: a big old smile!

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