8 July 2015

Bathroom makeover

Dear readers,

Just in the middle of our bathroom remodeling I was told that I had less than 2 months to prepare for an exam. Under the current financial situation, internal promotion exams have been pretty non-existent so there was no way I'd skip this chance. 

As I still had all my vacation days I decided to go for the kill and take them all at once. Of course I couldn't get much done while the banging persisted for days and the whole house was covered in a thick layer of dust.

After the workers were finally done I still couldn't concentrate while being in a messy surrounding. So I spent a few days cleaning up and then got sidetracked by other things that came to my attention. 

Whenever I sat down to study my mind just wandered off and found other stuff that had to be taken care of right there and then, online shopping being one of them. 

Although I'd also planned to take a break from blogging I just couldn't get it out of my head. I was more worried about not leaving my blog unattended for too long than failing the stupid exam.

6 weeks later this is the outcome:

I only studied for 2 weeks (in between naps and online shopping)
I spent more time on social media than breathing
My bank account is full of cobwebs 
I told all my friends we couldn't meet up because I was studying, which I was not
The parcel delivery guy was given a raise for all the extra work I gave him 
There's a bum-dent on my mattress from all the long hours spent watching Netflix
I got a 6.35 out of 10 so not enough for the promotion but I'm happy I passed
I'm out of vacation days but I don't have any money left anyway

As for our new bathroom, what do y'all think? 

I wrote 2 previous posts on this bathroom renovation but in case you missed those I'm leaving you a before picture:

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