27 July 2015

Cute packaging feat. Teez Cosmetics

Dear readers,

I haven't heard about Teez Cosmetics before but I wanted to share this with you in case you are, like myself, a sucker for cute packaging. This was sent to me by email from the Cloud 10 beauty team:

Teez cosmetics

They've created 4 different shades, all with pink undertones, one of them a bit more peachy.

Teez cosmetics Sugar Rush Object of Affection Lip Balm

You can choose between 7 shades from nude pinks to darker ones. One side features a matte lipcolour that is said to be long wearing and on the other you'll find a high shine lip lacquer. You can choose to combine them both or wear them on their own.
Teez cosmetics Sugar Rush Sealed with a Kiss Lipduo

They only make them in 7 different shades with a semi-metallic finish but I'm sure they'll create more in the future. I'm rooting for some matte or satin shades as I have very hooded eyelids and my skin's too mature to be wearing metallic shades. Although the packaging is gorgeous it's not very consumer friendly as I imagine it will be a nightmare to store or when you need to select the right shade from the bunch. I hope they are at least easy to depot.

Teez cosmetics Sugar Rush Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow

These come in 7 metallic shades that can be applied from a very fine line, thanks to the thin brush, up to a bolder look if you continue layering it up. As it's water based I'm curious about its lasting power.

Teez cosmetics Sugar Rush Cloud Nine Eyeliner

It contains vitamin C + E that have antioxidant properties but there's only 3 shades to choose from.

Teez cosmetics Sugar Rush Spoiled Rich Eyebrow cream

What do you think? Are you familiar with the brand? How do you like the packaging? Please comment below.

Teez trend cosmetics

P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post. I haven't tried any of these products.

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