4 July 2015

Happy 4th July nail art

Dear readers,

Even though I'm not American I wanted to practice some easy nail art design and, what's easier than using red, blue and white nail polish and draw some stars and stripes?

As a beginner I don't have the skills to create perfect stars and stripes so I just grabbed a dotting tool and put some silver glitter polish on the blue background to simulate the stars and with my white nail art pen I tried to draw the straightest lines I was capable of.

I also included two accent nails, one with a white background and some silver glitter on top near the cuticle and lightly dragging it down, simulating falling rain fireworks. And the second accent nail I left plain silver because I just felt like it.

The products I used were:

- OPI natural nail base coat
- NYX Girls in 103 navy blue
- ORLY in monroe's red
- Essence Colour & Go in a metallic silver
- L'Óreal in 857 white
- Ciaté mini in PP114 locket (I suppose)
- Revlon quick dry top coat

I wish all my US readers a great day and to the rest of you have an amazing weekend,

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